Mike Harmon
Candidate— Kentucky House of Representatives, 54th District

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Mike HarmonMike's Goals:

Quality Education for Our Children
As a father, Mike Harmon wants his two daughters to receive a quality education that will prepare them for the future. He knows that education needs to be built on the basics of reading, writing, math, science, and history. As your State Representative, Mike will strive to ensure that teachers and students have access to the resources and tools they need from Kentucky's budget.

Access to Affordable Health Care
Mike Harmon knows that we need access to quality, affordable health care. In Frankfort, he will support legislation that stabilizes the insurance market, encourages competition, and offers consumer choices.

Maintaining and Creating More Jobs
Like you, Mike works hard to provide for his family. He believes it is important to provide employees with the resources needed to improve their skills, while working with businesses to ensure they get the support they need. Mike wants to help bring jobs to Boyle and Washington Counties— without losing the jobs we already have.

Tax Relief, while Providing for Kentucky's Future
As a taxpayer, Mike believes that the government should plan wisely, spend appropriately, and, if possible, return excess funds to the people through tax relief. Mike Harmon wants to ensure that the future of Kentucky is provided for with a balanced budget.

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