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Adopted at the Boyle County Republican Convention, March 18, 2000:

"BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Boyle County, Kentucky, reaffirms the historic principles of 'The Grand Old Party,' as exhibited by Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and other Republicans. We believe the Republican Party should be 'all-inclusive' of all registered Republicans, all registered Democrats, all Independents, all religions, and all races. We accept the fact that we will differ on specific issues, but we honor the right of each individual to believe what they believe."

"BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Boyle County supports a reduction of taxes for working people. And be it further resolved that any proposed legislation will carry an estimated cost to the taxpayers."

Which party better represents you and your life views?
Did you know that taxpayer election funds are distributed
according to voter registration numbers?
Compare the platforms . . .

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